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Gregg’s Haunted Amusement Park Episode One

July 26, 2010

Episode One

This episode has us yammering about Red Dead Redemption, Limbo, Braid, Alan Wake and some horrible music. Bewarned, there are spoilers to be heard! Also, keep in mind - Gregg Dariano's microphone quality is absolute garbage, the more hatred he gets the sooner we kick him off.

We'll keep uploading shit cause we're a bored bunch. Also we'll promise this shitstain gets a better mic, or we'll forcefeed him KY Jelly.

Users in this podcast; NJ Taylor(The drunk New Yorker), Gregg Dariano(The shit-quality hick from Mid-state NY), Dillon Ivy(The post-punk demon from Tennessee) and Mike Walker(The southern Canadian, yes that is possible).

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