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Gregg’s Haunted Amusement Park Episode Two

July 31, 2010


In this two part episode we discuss Kane and Lynch's return to something rather surprisingly good, Battlefield's DLC issues and how Medal of Honor will somehow, someway cure all these issues with speculation and empty promises. Also, we drag Mike back in for the second part where we discuss Starcraft II and... other things that would be important. We think.

Yeah we suck, we do it for fun. Sue us.

Users in this podcast; NJ Taylor(The must-interrupt-all asshat New Yorker), Gregg Dariano(The still shit-quality hick from Mid-state NY), Dillon Ivy(Sucks Trent Reznor's schlong, also happens to be from Tennessee) and Mike Walker(WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU!? The absolute savior of the show. Also, is Canadian!).

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